Elevator Pitch

Voice guy, radio guy, general loudmouth for over 30 years (really, I started when I was 5), I can get your message across with IMPACT. Check out work I’ve done for NASA, DARPA and others. When you need a voice with AUTHORITY — look no further. From “the Voice of God” to a grumpy old man, I’ll deliver what’s in your minds eye.

There are so many calling themselves Voiceover Artist, Voice Actor, etc. these days, how does one stand out from the crowd? Experience is one way. If you want someone who just bought a USB mic, plugged it into their laptop and records in their bedroom using a free software program (or something that came with their laptop), have at it. I’ve been using my voice professionally since 1981 – earlier if you count college radio, and have learned a thing or two along the way. It’s about delivery, it’s about sounding conversational, it’s about sounding like you’re enjoying what you do. It’s true, you can hear a smile, and you can also hear a frown.

I may not be the least expensive, I’m certainly not the MOST expensive, but I can promise you quality work, delivered in a timely fashion, professionally done, at a fair price. All quotes and audition/demos are customized to your project.

So go ahead, click contact and drop me a line, send me a script, request a demo. I’ll work hard to ensure you’re not disappointed.