Rate Card

Voiceover rates depend upon many factors, including:

Script Length – one sentence? Or a fifty thousand word audio book?
Usage – is it for a website, TV Commercial, Corporate Video or audiobook?
Audience – In-House training film, or National Ad Campaign?
Post-production – do you need only the voice track, or one with effects or music?

I am happy to give you a customized quote for any project, from a simple phone system voice-response, or narration for an educational film, to your long-form audio-book or documentary. Let me know your needs, my price will be competitive.

Free Custom Audition

Not sure my voice is the right one for your project? Send me a short script (a part of your project) and I’ll produce a custom audition reading your words. No cost and no obligation.

Still just want to know, “How Much”? Use the Rate Card below for a guideline. I will always provide a custom quote and a free audition for each individual project.


LOCAL (Internet/Non-Broadcast @ Small Market Rate)

Small Market (e.g. one town on Long Island) – $150 :30 / $250 :60
Large Market (e.g.Boston or New York City) – $250 :30 / $350 :60


$500 :30 / $750 :60


$500 to $1,000 or standard Union rates

TAGS (5 to 10 seconds)

Local – $25
Regional – $75
National – $100 to $300 or standard Union rates


Per Script – $350 to $750 (includes 3 revisions, dependent upon length)
Revisions beyond 3 – $150